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mike finlason producer of enemy my friend


Director and Producer of "Enemy, My Friend?"

Michael Finlason has over 35 years' experience, mostly as a freelance, making TV programmes in the UK for all the main broadcasters. When he first heard of Eric Lomax's discovery of Nagase in 1991 he tried to interest TV stations in commissioning the story but was unsuccessful. With time running out he raised the funds himself to independently produce the documentary. Little did he know the events portrayed in the film would lead to Lomax writing his best selling autobiography, the Railway Man, and that eventually an extraordinary motion picture of the same name would result.

Michael Finlason Highlights

  • Co-founded, and served as Director of Broadcasting for, one of Britain's first free-to-air Local TV stations.
  • Executive Producer/ Series Producer and Producer/Director specialising in low cost/high volume programming; documentaries; investigations; current affairs and short form magazine items.
  • Recipient of 14 craft or broadcasting awards including BAFTA/SHELL, RTS, ECHO, PYE and New York and Houston Film Festival gold awards.
  • Widely travelled in both personal and professional capacities and successfully filmed in sometimes dangerous situations in 59 countries across the world.
  • Have made programmes directly for BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, Five and The History Channel as well as through production companies like ITN Factual.

A selection of his numerous credits in various roles follows:

The Cook Report. ITV
Car Wars. ITV
Moonlight Cowboys. ITV
The Sinking of the Kursk. FIVE
Islands at the edge of the world. ITV
The Loners. ITV
A Race Apart. ITV
Hells Angels. ITV

The Countryside Hour. BBC
A Week in the Country. BBC
Menzone. BBC
East. BBC
Langley at Large. BBC

How the East was won. BBC
New Eastenders. BBC
Enemy, my friend? (1993)
Up my street
East at Large
My City. (Last three, MyTV network Ltd.)