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Enemy, My Friend?

A documentary film by Mike Finlason

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The Real Railway Man


Released in the UK in January 2014, The Railway Man starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, tells the compelling story of Eric Lomax a British officer cruelly tortured while a prisoner of the Japanese in World War 2.

He spent 50 years tracking down one of his tormentors who'd escaped justice at War's end. Finally in 1993, having identified him with certainty as Nagase Takashi, they met again near the notorious Kwai bridge in Thailand where the original torture had taken place.

No-one could predict the outcome of the bizarre re-union---would it end in tears, or violence?

Documentary maker Mike Finlason was present at that unique meeting and made the only film record of what really happened.

Now you can see for yourself in his award winning documentary "Enemy, My Friend".

The Railway Man film is based on the best selling autobiography of the same title by Eric Lomax.

Eric was only able to write the book after his cathartic experience at the meeting.

Hitherto he'd spent 50 years suffering mental and emotional issues including painful flashbacks of the torture scene while, for 50 years, trying to track down his interrogator.

The story is a modern parable of forgiveness in the most trying circumstances, and a testament to the resilience of mankind.

Now, with "Enemy, My Friend?" you too can experience the searingly raw emotions that finally led to a happy ending.

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